Monthly Recap (April)

Already through April!  It seems like I just wrote about my month of March.

April was a pretty good month for me.  I recovered from my Half Marathon in March and was ready for some more miles in April.  I am keeping true to my goal of staying healthy.  It is definitely something that I will be juggling as I try to build my miles and work on speed.  I have taken more days off after races and try not to be over zealous with my miles.  I’m accepting the reality of giving my body time to rest and recover.

This past month I ran too races.  I ran a 10K and was happy to finish, but I was hoping to have been faster.  I ran my first 15K on a tough course in warmer weather.  I was happy and surprised with my placement but disappointed with my time.

I would say both races are successful and I’m glad i’m through them without any injuries.  Altogether what I have taken from this month is that I’m happy to be completing my races, I’m happy to not be injured but ultimately I wish I was running faster.  I want to be faster, I want to be able to run more consistently without feeling like i’m going to die because I’m running a little faster.

I watched the Boston Marathon this year and the desire to run this race has been stirring inside of me for some time only to be refueled by watching the race.  I haven’t talked to anyone about running the race.  I have picked a Marathon to run to try to qualify and I mapped out my train plan.  April has caused a lot of questions and desire and I hope to build these dreams into something as I move into May.

This months totals are 2 races:   1: 10K and 1: 15K
Total Miles 85.54, 23 more than last month.

Goals for May: 
Stay healthy
Improve my mile time.
Increase miles for the month.  ideally would like to reach 100miles.
Work on Speed
Start to incorporate Biking for cross training.













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