Training not Training!

It’s the second day of May and I’m already behind in my training.  What the heck!!

Ok so as far as my body, I feel fine.  I’m not injured. YAY!! I do have a cold.  Who get sick in May?  I think it is from one of my students coughing on me.  I honestly don’t know where else I could have picked this up.  So Monday I woke up with a really raspy voice and thought I could use a few more hours to sleep to help this stupid cold.

If I don’t run in the morning it is very rare that  I will that day.  I have too many thing after teaching to do that running must be done in the morning.  Ok so I missed Monday, no big deal.  I had planned to run today (Tuesday) because the weather was supposed to be good.  It stormed last night and according to the stupid weather channel there was not to be any rain in the morning.  My alarm went off and when I sat up it was pouring.  I checked the radar, and welcome to heavy storms.

I was pretty upset because I was really pumped to run and hopefully work some of this cold out of my body.  I know the extra sleep was good for me, but I’m mad I couldn’t run again this morning.  I feel like I should go everyday it is nice but i know that will only hurt me.

I’m not opposed to running in the rain but come on, if I don’t have to, I won’t.  It wasn’t just rain, it was thunder and lightning too.  I wan’t going to take that risk.  Light rain, yes.  Heavy storms, NO.

So here is to tomorrow and hopefully the ablility to run in decent weather.

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