Officially working on May Miles

Today I was finally able to get out for a run.  Starting off I felt terrible.  I have been dealing with a cold.  Yesterday I couldn’t speak at all, only whisper, but today is much improved.  I still feel terrible.

Back to the run.  I started off with good intention but quickly was defeated.  I really need to work on my self confidence when i’m running.  After the first mile my goal was to improve each mile till the end.  This plan worked for the second mile but the 3rd was up against the wind and some hills.  The 4th mile I was cooking pretty good.  I finished with a 6:09 mile.  I was surprised and please but I still am hoping for a faster overall pace.

I know it will take time and work and hopefully when this cold is gone I can really hit the training hard.

My next race is a mile race.  I have a few weeks to work on my mile time and I really want to do well both personally and overall for the race.  I know to not worry about what other people are going to do and to focus on myself, but it is a little motivation to push me along.  My mile PR is 5:29 which I ran 2 years ago.  My fastest mile in two years was probably today when I ran 6:09.  I am really hoping to break my 5:29 time and get a new PR.  I know that I’m capable, I only hope I can have the health to train for it.

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