A rare occurrence

As quickly as I wanted to start my May miles and training for some speed, I’ve been stopped just as quickly.

I never get sick.  What I mean by this is I never get sick enough to stop me from life.  I have had a sore throat from time to time and maybe a cough but nothing that lingers past a day or two.  The last time I really felt sick was probably about 7 years ago when I was student teaching.  Those little kids infected me and even though I never missed a day, I was pretty ill.

The reason I’m sharing this is because last Friday I started feeling sick.  Tuesday I lost my voice and I honestly feel like i would have to get better to die.  I have felt terrible all week.  I ran Wednesday and that was it.  I really want to run tomorrow but I really need to get better.  I still don’t have much of a voice.

It is absolutely crazy how much I can’t speak.  I am a teacher so talking is something  I need to do.  This week has been hard,  I’m saying as little as possible and when school is over for the day I’m silent till the next day.  No phone calls, just texts.

I’m frustrated because I am losing time to run.  I’m losing time to train.  I had this plan and all is getting spoiled by this rare and frustrating cold.  It seems like for the first time my body is healthy  to run, meaning not injuries but now i’m sick preventing me to get out there and try to enjoy some part of the day.

Here’s hoping to getting better soon!






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