Back from the Dead

Finally I am starting to feel alive again.  Last week was a rough week as I battled a rare cold.  Over the weekend I was finally starting to feel better.  I gave running a go on Saturday and felt so weak and exhausted.  My ambitious 6 mile plan quickly turned into 3miles.

I was completely drain by the end of the run and even got the chills after I was home.  I was shivering uncontrollably and couldn’t seem to get warm.  After a long hot shower I started to feel better.  This morning was a big improvement and I feel like I can start to get back to running and training again.  This morning still left me feeling weak and drained but at least i was able to run 4 miles.

I’m excited to run and get back into the gym again.  I know my lack of the weight room has affected my running a little, and I hope once I’m back to a more constant schedule I’ll improve on my runs and over all energy.  It is going to be a tough road but I’m up for the challenge

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