Still Recovering from being sick, (adjusting to change)

The other week I was dealing with some kind of illness.  It might have been a combination of both allergies and a cold.  The bottom line is whatever I had took an effect of my body that I wasn’t expecting or prepared for.

Coming into this month I was ready to rack up some miles, work on some speed and really turn the corner from a less than desirable winter training season.  Then I got sick and my plans went down the  drain.  I have been exhausted.  I’ve struggled to wake up, struggle to run without having the need to stop.  My legs have been like rubber.  I don’t know if I’m just lazy or if it has something to do with me being sick.  I have never felt this tried and drained before.

I’m hoping to push through this bad patch, and I think that I am.  My running, has been shorter in distance, have increased in pace by about 10-12 seconds.  I’ve tried to run 6miles and struggle to get 4.  The end of the last week I have been able to run a little faster and make a 4 mile run.

I have also recently decided that I need to cross training again.  I stopped biking and I am trying to start biking again.   I am always trying something new, doing something different adjusting to what life throws in my way.  A routine never last forever.  As soon as everything feels smooth and perfect, it is time to change it up.

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