May (monthly Recap)

It’s hard to believe that May is over already.

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write about my running but honestly I haven’t had time.  I’m forcing a quick post because it is the end of the month.

Let’s recap:

I ran one race, which i never talked about, but I’ll talk about it now.  I ran in a 1 mile race in the middle of the month.  I wasn’t sure how it would go.  Last year I couldn’t run because  I was hurt, but this year I signed up not expecting anything.  It was hot, 90degrees and I don’t run well in the heat.
The race started and I was quickly passed by a few people.  I settled into my pace, and started to feel something amazing.  I surged forward and began catching and passing people.  I was cooking on all cylinders and finished 3rd in my age group with a 5:31mile.  This was 2seconds off my time from two years ago.  I was astonished by the time because I didn’t think I could run that fast anymore.

Overall I was pleased with the race and results.

Looking back at my goals for this month I wanted to run 100miles for the month.  I wasn’t even close.  I had some tough days and all said and done I only ran 50 miles.  I am disappointed with the miles but something changed this month.  I’ve been running about 25 seconds faster per mile.  I think something woke up during the mile race.  I’m not trying to push the pace, it is something that is happening on its own.

I hope to improve my mileage for June, stay health and continue to work on my mental side of running.


See I told you this was going to be quick





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